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Memorizing the Alkali Metal’s Order

In this memory story we're going to memorize the Periodic Table's Group One Alkali metal's order, along with the element hydrogen. We're also going to include other little scientific tidbits in our memory story listed here.

The Alkali Metals' group in decending order are: Lithium, Sodium, Potassium, Rubidium, Cesium, Francium.

Hydrogen (hydr- means "water", as in hydrant, Hydra, anhydrous, etc.)

Lithium (lith- means "stone" as in monolith, lithograph, lithotome, etc.]

Sodium (originally called Natrium from natron, native sodium carbonate, symbol Na) (I left out this extra information because it took too much space in the story. Memory stories are better if their short.)

Potassium from potash or pot of ashes, a way to make potash from a wood ash mixture being cooked in a pot. (originally called Kalium, -kali-, word part in alkali, symbol K)

Rubidium (rubi- meaning "ruby red", for its red spectrum line, as in ruby, rubric, rubescence, etc.)

Cesium (cesi- meaning "sky blue" for its two blue spectrum lines)

Francium (frank- means "free", as in frank, frankincense, franchise, France, etc.)

[For those who know mnemonics' phonetic system, the word "suit" in this story stands for s1 or the outside electron configuration of Hydrogen and the Alkali Metals.]

Memory Story: [I'll let you decide which well known character you are.] You're a tomb raider and you're trying to get inside a very secret cave where an ancient religious cult is up to something sinister. As you approach the cave a nine headed water snake called a Hydra (Hydrogen) comes out of the swamp next to the entrance and just misses taking your head off. In the ensuing battle you manage to cut off one of the Hydra's heads and as you attempt to cauterize it like Hercules did in his story, this time the Hydra goes up in a giant fireball. (Just like hydrogen would.)

(Now we start the alkali metals part of the story.)

Thinking you can relax for a moment, a cult follower (Who was waiting for the Hydra to finish you off.) wearing a gray metal suit runs at you yelling "I'll kill you!" (alkali) You barely manage to dodge him but he grazes your mouth with his elbow, trips, and falls headlong into the swamp. He comes up out of the water but his metal suit begins to hiss and sputter and then explosively blows himself to kingdom come. He meant to take you with him and become a martyr for the cause.

Spitting some blood and a broken front tooth from your broken lips you just manage to mumble the secret words that will open the cave door but nothing happens. You try again lisping louder but speaking more clearly, "Lithen (Lithium) thone! Open thethame!" The giant stone moves gently to the side revealing a beautiful cave of sodium chloride (salt) crystals and pools of different colored waters bubbling and spewing like thousands of streams of hot soda (Sodium). With your usual temerity you go deep inside the cave towards a light where the sounds of whips lashing against skin and horrified screams are coming from.

There in the dim light of burning torches in a cavern you discover hundreds of slaves making potash (Potassium) by boiling down metal pots full of wood ashes. When the potash is finished the slaves are taking it somewhere up further ahead.

Skulking along a precarious ledge above the cavern you follow the slaves and learn they're taking the dried potash and are using it to sculpt a giant sculpture of Kali, (kalium K) the multi-armed Hindu goddess of death and destruction, in a larger and better lit cavern that is used for some type of religious ceremony.

In Kali's forehead is the fist-sized ruby (Rubidium) you've come for. Although it appears to be a jewel carved from metal it has a brilliant glowing red line running through it.

When the coast is clear you use your whip and nimbly climb the statue. You just manage to get to the forehead of Kali, extract the jewel, and place it in your leather pouch when a voice from below you yells "Seize him!" (Cesium) Looking below you see the cult leader dressed like Caesar in a flowing metal toga with two brilliantly reflective sky blue lines of shiny metal running the full length of his metal clothing.

To make the story of your daring escapade short, with your usual skill and fortunate accidents you manage to free everyone, blow up the cave, the Kali leader and his cult, and are now on an airplane on your way to France (Francium) to meet a curator and show him your prize which you'll donate to the museum free of charge; of course.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Memorizing the Periodic Table’s Elements Osmium (76) through Meitnerium (109) by Atomic Number

This is the fourth in a series of four blogs on using Mnemonic's Phonetic Peg System in memory story form to memorize the elements Osmium (76) through Meitnerium (109), by their atomic number. Unlike using verbal rote memorization these visual memory stories should last our memory much longer and possibly a lifetime with occasional use. Also, for more long-term memory word association purposes, I've included information about the element's word part meanings where applicable and a few common, academic, scientific, and/or medical words that share the same word parts.

Osmium (76), Peg (coach) symbol (Os), from Gr. osme, smell, from osmium tetroxide's having a very strong odor [osmesis, lit. the state, act, or process of smelling, osmidrosis, lit. smelly sweat condition, osmology, lit. the study of odors, osmiophilic, lit. osmic acid loving, Coprosoma, lit. feces smell, Bot. a genus of shrubs and trees that smell like the name says it does]

Memory Story: You're team is going into outer space (Os) and your Cosmos (Osmium) coach bares a distinct resemblance to
Ozzie Osbourne
(Os). The first time you all get launched into outer space some of you have an accident so things are a bit smelly but your coach says it happens all the time so don't concern yourselves or be embarrassed.

Iridium (77), Peg (cake), symbol (Ir), from Gr. Iris, Iridis, the goddess of the rainbow with the word part irid- meaning "relating to the iris of the eye or iridescent like a rainbow", because many of Iridium's salts are strongly colored. [iridescence, lit. becoming rainbow (colored), fig. many colored appearance like that of a rainbow, iridesis, lit. iris binding, iridocele, lit. iris hernia, iridosteresis, lit. loss of the iris condition, Iridovirus, lit. iris (iridescent) virus]

Memory Story: You're in charge of the Pasadena Rose Parade float and your crews have been working days and nights on the giant cake that's decorated with millions of iris petals and giant irises. It's early morning and time to get everyone in place. "I ride (Iridium) at the top," says Iris, one of the pretty young ladies who will adorn your cake. You're about to place the very colorfully dressed Iris on one of the lower tiers of the cake using a lift but she insists on going higher (Ir).

Platinum (78), Peg (cave), symbol (Pt), from Sp. Platina, little silver.

Memory Story: You take a part time (Pt) job retrieving old Spanish plates of platinum out of an underwater cave in Central America. The job's really dangerous but it pays three thousand dollars an hour and the retirement benefits are great. If you live long enough to collect them, that is.

Gold (79), Peg (cup), symbol (Au), from L. aureum, glow of sunrise, and gold from Anglo-Saxon gold, from L. geolo, yellow. [auriferous, lit. gold bearing, fig. gold bearing ore, oriole, auric, lit. relating to gold, aurochromoderma, lit. gold colored skin, Auric Goldfinger, a James Bond arch-villain]

Memory Story: "Ah, (Au) a cup of gold", you sigh as you pull the beautiful jewel encrusted golden cup from the treasure chest you're rifling through.

Mercury (80), Peg (vase or face), symbol (Hg), named after the Roman god Mercury who was the god's messenger and known for his swiftness. The Hg comes from hydrargarum from –hydr-, water or runny in a sense, + argarum, silver, hence Mercury's other name "quicksilver". [for hydr- see Hydrogen] [Argentina, argentation, lit. silver processor condition, argyria, lit. silver condition, litharge, lit. silver stone]

Memory Story: Like Sleeping Beauty, a hag (Hg) offers you a vase of Mercury and tells you it will cure all that ails you. If you do take it, it will cure all your ills; permanently. Or. It's ancient Roman times and you look into the face of a hag (Hg) who has come to give you a message from the gods. There's something odd about her face but you don't believe her. To make the point more terrifying she/he dissembles himself to appear before you as the colossal Mercury like in the movie Jason and the Argonauts.

Thallium (81), Peg (fight), symbol (Tl), from Gr. thallos, green shoot or twig, because of Thallium's bright green spectrum emission lines. [thallospore, lit. green shoot seeds, thallotoxicosis, lit. thallium toxic condition, thallus, lit. a green shoot]

Memory Story: You're at school and there's a fight in the hall (Thallium) between two guys. No one will tell (Tl) the teacher it's going on. That is until they crash into the science class's seed starter mini-greenhouse and destroy all the new green saplings.

Lead (82), Peg (phone), symbol (Pb) from L. plumbum, lead, and the word lead is Anglo-Saxon. [plumbing, lit. working with lead, plumb, to prove the work vertical, as a wall, using a lead ball, plummet, noun, a little piece of lead attached to a line, verb, to fall straight down like a plummet, plunge, lit. to fall like lead, fig. to drop steeply, aplomb, lit. perpendicularity, fig. self-possession, assurance, plombage, lit. lead work, plumbago, lit. black lead, plumbic, lit. relating to lead, plumbism, lit. lead condition]

Memory Story: You go to the local pub (Pb) to use the phone and it's a private phone booth made with lead pipes by the local plumber's union who patronize the pub after work.

Bismuth (83), Peg (foam), symbol (Bi) from New Latin bisemutum from German Wismuth which may mean "white mass".

Memory Story: You're in WWII and watching the German battleship Bismarck (Bismuth) sink in a turbulent sea of foam and burning oil. Bye (Bi) Bismarck.

Polonium (84), Peg (fire), symbol (Po), named after Poland, the discoverer Marie Sktodowska-Curie's homeland.

Memory Story: You're first day on the job as a volunteer fireman and your instructor, who bears an uncanny resemblance to
Edgar Allan Poe, (Po) instructs you in the proper way to go down the fire pole. (Polonium)

Astatine (85), Peg (fly), symbol (At) from Gr. astatos, unstable, from a-, not, without + -stat-, stand, stand still, remain standing, to place + -ine, substance [state, statue, aerostat, lit. stand (in the) air, fig. a stationary balloon, bacteriostat, lit. bacteria standing still (agent), barostat, lit. pressure standing (body structure), hemostat, lit. blood standing still, statoconia, lit. standing dust condition, statokinetics, lit. standing movement]

Memory Story: The unfortunate scientist from the movie
The Fly
taps you on your shoulder and asks the time. (Astatine) Out of the corner of your eye you saw his claw so without turning around you say "At (At) the tone the time will be…." as you run like hell.

Radon (86), Peg (fish), symbol (Rn) from L. radix, root + -on, noble gas ending in the periodic table. The word part –rad-, -radi- can mean "root, something shaped like a root, rays, or tentacles". [radish, radio, eradicate, lit. to root out, fig. to pull out by the roots, radiate, lit. to make rays, fig. to emit rays, radical, lit. relating to roots, fig. proceeding directly from the root, radicle, lit. a diminutive root, radicotomy, lit. root incision, radius, lit. a ray, radix, lit. root, steradian, lit. solid radius]

Memory Story: [ Like in the beginning of the movie Godzilla 1998 but this time with a different Japanese monster.] You're fishing next to a registered nurse (Rn) on the pier. You're talking about nothing in particular when she gets a bite; A BIG BITE but it's not a fish. Rodan (Radon) comes out of the water and just misses you but snatches the RN.

Francium (87), Peg (fake and an expletive), symbol (Fr) from the word France, its place of discovery. [frankincense, lit./fig. free or pure incense, frank, lit. free, fig. free in speaking one's real sentiments, franchise, lit. to make free, orig. freedom from servitude, pres. a right or privilege, usually the right to vote]

Memory Story: (Warning: Bad language.) Your favorite fast food restaurant is giving away free fake French (Francium) Fries (Fr) with every hamburger. They taste and chew like plastic. You take them up to the manager and tell them they can F#@$ their free fake French fries and some other expletive language about anatomically impossible things they can do with their food because they've ruined your favorite place to eat.

Radium (88), Peg (five or fife), symbol (Ra) (see Radon)

Memory Story: It's the 60's and you love the new state of the art stereophonic sound but want even more reality. You place five
radios at the points of an M (Radium) around your room so it will send rays (Ra) of sound to an ideal point in the central section of the M and give you more of a surround sound feeling. It doesn't work because it's only monaural. Too bad you didn't keep working on the idea because you could have gotten rich.

Actinium (89), Peg (phobia), symbol (Ac) from Gr. aktinos, ray. Word part actin- means "ray, radiation, or having radiating parts". [Actinobacillus, lit. radiating little rods, actinochemistry, obsolete term for radiochemistry, Actinomyces, lit. radiated fungus]

Memory Story: You've had an acting (Actinium) phobia ever since you played the part of alternating current (AC) in a science play in the fourth grade and shocked the holy bejeebers out of yourself during your "electric chair" part.

Thorium (90), Peg (bus), symbol (Th) from Thor, Scandinavian god of war

Memory Story: It's Mythology Week at school and you spent a month creating a beautiful Trojan horse (Th) model. You ever so carefully get on the school bus gingerly making sure not to bump you model. At the next stop your friend has dressed up as Thor, god of war. He has this over sized helmet he can barely see out of and huge unwieldy hammer. Just as he gets next to you he stumbles and Thor's hammer smashes your Trojan horse into a thousand pieces. "Oops, thorry", (Thorium) [Oh yea, I forgot to tell you, your friend has a lisp.]

Protactinium (91), Peg (body), symbol (Pa) from proto-, first or highest in rank + actinium, meaning "first beam or ray element. [see Actinium]

[protein, Protozoa, lit. first animal, fig. unicellular animal phylum, prototype, lit. first type, fig. an original model, protanopia, lit. first without eye condition, prototroph, lit. first nourishment, protogonoplasm, lit. first seed formation, Prototheca, lit. first box]

Memory Story: You receive great pay (Pa) for wearing a body protector (Protactinium) and letting police canines attack you. Or. You protect (Protactinium) the body of famous politicians, rock stars, and supermodels for exorbitant pay (Pa).

Uranium (92), Peg (ban), symbol (U) named after the planet Uranus and Greek Myth's god of the sky or heavens from Gr. ouranos, the sky, heaven. Interestingly enough the word part uran-, urano- also means the roof of the mouth or hard palate. [brachyuranic, lit. short hard palate, uranoplasty, lit. hard palate surgical formation]

Memory Story: (Warning: Very Freudian) You are Cronus, the son of Uranus, (Uranium) and after cutting off the testicles of your father and casting them into the sea you (U) order Uranus banned to the sky to never touch your mother Gaia, (Earth) again. [Before his banishment the sky, Uranus, would come down from the heavens and ravish the earth, Gaia, every night.]

Neptunium (93), Peg (bum), symbol (Np), named after the planet Neptune, from Roman Mythology, the god of the sea.

Memory Story: You're down by the ocean taking a walk on the beach and here comes that beach bum Neptune asking for a handout so he can get a nip (Np) of booze from the local bar. He's been out of work for almost two thousand years ever since he lost his pagan patronage.

Plutonium (94), Peg (bury), symbol (Pu), named after the planet Pluto, from Roman Mythology, the god of Hades or the underworld.

Memory Story: Peyoo. (Pu) Pluto (Plutonium) smells like a lot of things died and you need to bury him somewhere quick.

[As a memory aid, Uranium, Neptunium, and Plutonium are in planetary order. Of course that was before Pluto was reclassified as being a dwarf planet.]

Americium (95), Peg (ball), symbol (Am), named after America.

Memory Story: It's Saturday or Sunday A.M (Am) in America (Americium) and most TV's are tuned to a ball game.

Curium (96), Peg (beach), symbol (Cm), named after Marie and Pierre Curie.

Memory Story: You're very ill and have been sent by your doctor to take the beach Cure. (Curium) Your therapy involves every inch of your body being coated with precisely a centimeter (Cm) of sticky beach sand containing a radioactive substance while you lay on the beach.

Berkelium (97), Peg (puck and bike), symbol (Bk), named after Berkeley, CA where it was first synthesized.

Memory Story: You're going to
UC Berkeley
on a sports (hockey) scholarship. Even though you're fully suited up, skates, pads, helmet, and all, you're late to meet a teammate for hockey practice and ride your bike (Bk) onto the hockey rink. Quickly, you drop the puck on the ice and comment to your fellow teammate, "Brrr Kelly, (Berkelium) it sure is cold in here."

Californium (98), Peg (Puff the Magic Dragon), symbol Cf, named after being synthesized at Berkeley, California.

Memory Story: Your pet, Puff the "Magic Dragon", is surfing the waves at California (Californium) but instead of using a surfboard he has to use the side of a Consolidated Freightways (Cf) trailer you altered for him by welding on a big skag and making some shape changes using a sledge hammer. Of course Puff supplied the side of the trailer which he found parked by the pier.

Einsteinium (99), Peg (puppy), symbol Es, named after Albert Einstein.

Memory Story: Your puppy Einstein (Einsteinium) is easy (Es) to train because he's so smart.

Fermium (100), Peg (disease), symbol Fm, named after the Italian physicist Enrico Fermi.

Memory Story: "Do not fear my (Fermium) disease," says the FM (Fm) radio talk show host. His disease being raving paranoia.

Mendelevium (101), Peg (test), symbol Md, named after Dimitri Ivanovich Mendeleev, creator of the periodic table.

Memory Story: Your friend, the great, great, grandson of
is mad (Md) because he flunked the Periodic Table test in chemistry. [Yes, your friend looks just like his ancestor and is a little bit too old to still be in school.] Or. Trying to become a medical doctor (Md) your friend got mad during a chemistry test and walked out with the professor calling out to him, "Men don't leave my (Mendelevium) tests".

Nobelium (102), Peg (design), symbol No, named after Alfred Nobel, inventor of dynamite

Memory Story: You've gone to Sweden in the 1930's to help design the Nobel Peace Prize medal . Unbelievably the other designers want to put a bell on it. When asked for your artistic opinion about the design you vehemently tell them, "No bells! (Nobelium) No, no, no." (No)

Lawrencium (103), Peg (toss me), symbol Lr, named for nuclear physicist Ernest O. Lawrence, inventor of the cyclotron.

Memory Story: You're working in a video store and putting away Lawrence of Arabia DVDs. "Toss me the discs", you tell a fellow employee as you stand on a ladder. You grab them like a juggler, left, right, (Lr) left, right, and smoothly stack the DVDs away on the top shelf.

Rutherfordium (104), Peg (desire and dozer), symbol Rf, named for Ernest Rutherford, "father" of nuclear physics.

Memory Story: You'd rather have the Ford (Rutherfordium) Mustang with the
Rat Fink
painted (Rf) on the hood to drive to school but you can't have your heart's desire so you're stuck with the bulldozer your parents make you drive It's slow but everyone gets out of your way, or else.

Dubnium (105), Peg (diesel), symbol Db, named after Dubna, Russia.

Memory Story: You're the sound engineer for the latest
Vin Diesel
movie and are dubbing in (Dubnium) in jets, cars, bridges, and whatever being destroyed with volume levels that will measure 180 decibels (Db) in the theater. Cool. (180 decibels is equivalent to a rocket launching pad and a level where severe hearing loss will occur.)

Seaborgium (106), Peg (dosage), symbol Sg, named for the American chemist, Glenn T. Seaborg.

Memory Story: You're treating sick sea birds (Seaborgium) whose bills sag (Sg) from some mysterious disease and you're looking up the proper dosage. Let's see; sea gulls (Sg), sea gulls, aha, sea gulls.

Bohrium (107), Peg (tusk), symbol Bh, named for the Danish physicist, Neils Bohr.

Memory Story: You narrowly miss being gored by the tusk of a wild boar (Bohrium) but managed to bash (Bh) him in the head just in time.

Hassium (108), Peg (adhesive), symbol Hs, from the Latin name for the German State of Hesse.

Memory Story: You're out flying your helium balloon when you hear a hiss (Hs) coming from the hose (Hs) you use to fill up the balloon. It's a hassle (Hassnium) to repair it with the adhesive you have but you manage patch it before crashing to the earth.

Meitnerium (109), Peg (hot soup), symbol Mt, named for the Austrian physicist Lise Meitner.

Memory Story: You're a mountaineer (Meitnerium) and when climbing a mountain (Mt) covered with snow you look forward to the hot soup you'll get at the end of the climb that day.
























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Memorizing the Periodic Table’s Elements Antimony (51) through Rhenium (75) by Atomic Number

This is the third in a series of four blogs on using Mnemonic's Phonetic Peg System in memory story form to memorize the elements Antimony through Rhenium by their atomic number. Unlike using verbal rote memorization these visual memory stories should last our memory much longer, possibly a lifetime. Also, for more long-term memory word association purposes, I've included information about the element's word part meanings and a few common, academic, scientific, and/or medical words that share the same word parts.

Antimony (51), Peg (light), symbol (Sb), originally called L. stibium. Etymology of antimony is uncertain but possibly from anti- "against, opposite, curative" + -mon- "one, single" or in a sense "not found unalloyed".

Memory Story: [You're in the novel, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.] You're on the sub (Sb) Nautilus cruising over the bottom of the sea above numerous sunken ships when Captain Nemo turns on the light to let you see the money and treasures strewn everywhere. You want to stop and fill the sub with money but Nemo's anti-money (Antimony) and you continue on your way to your next hapless victim.

Tellurium (52), Peg (lion), symbol (Te) from L. tellus, earth [Tellus, Roman Religion, goddess of the earth, especially sown fields]

Memory Story: You're in the story
The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe,
Chronicles of Narnia.
You're one of the Pevensie children making hot tea for all of you when you turn and say, "Tell your (Tellurium) lion it's tea (Te) time". Aslan the Lion overhears your insolence and lets you know he is the ruler of Narnia and belongs to no one.

Iodine (53), Peg (lime), symbol (I) from Gr. iodes, violet (from the color of iodine in gas form) + -ine, like, nature of, containing a substance, and word ending for halogens in the periodic table".

Memory Story: You're going on a long hike with a bunch of friends and want to keep your bottle of Iodine from breaking in your backpack so you empty out of one of those plastic limes they sell at the supermarket and paint a violet I (I) on it to let every know it's iodine and not something to be squirted in a margarita. As if you'd ever drink anything alcoholic on a long hike.

Xenon (54), Peg (lyre), symbol (Xe) from Gr. xenos, guest, foreign, foreigner [xenophobic, lit./fig. fear of anything or anyone foreign or strange, menoxenia, lit. strange menstrual condition, xenobiotic, lit. like foreign to life, xenogenic, lit. produced by a stranger, xenopthalmia, lit. foreign (substance in the) eye condition, xenium, Class. Ant. a gift given to a guest or ambassador, xenia, Bot. lit. hospitality, fig. the direct influence of pollen upon seed in the cross-pollination of certain plants]

Memory Story: [You're a guy in Ancient Greece.] Being a guest and stranger they offer you the company of
Xena, the warrior princess.
You enter her tent and she has a lyre she's strumming and looking very sexy (Xe). I'd suggest you keep your interest on her musical talents if you like your body parts in the same order when you leave the tent.

Cesium (55), Peg (lily), symbol (Cs) from L. cesius, sky blue

Memory Story: You're Mark Anthony and you still carry the image of Caesar (Cesium or Caesium) lying in state with a lily on his chest and his toga with blue edging instead of the Imperial purple, while you delivered what was supposed to be Caesar's eulogy.

It's this image you carry when you tell your army to "Seize them!" (Cesium) after the
Battles of Philippi. Unfortunately Cassius (Cs) and Brutus commit suicide before you can drag them back to Rome, have them executed, and their bodies thrown off the Tarpean Rock. Warning: Inappropriate language.
That was a chicken shit (Cs) thing they did by taking the easy way out.

Barium (56), Peg (leach), symbol (Ba) from Gr. barys, heavy because in sulfate and carbonate combinations it has a high specific gravity. [baritone, lit. heavy tone, fig. a deep male voice that registers between a bass and tenor, baryglossia, lit. heavy tongue condition, barythymia, lit heavy spirit condition]

Memory Story: (Warning: Repulsive.) Well so much for getting into the exotic food business. You've been ordered to bury (Barium) your leach bars (Barium) in the bay (Ba) by weighing them down with something heavy and throwing overboard. I guess someone didn't like the squirting experience when they bit down into one of your leach chocolate bars and called the Board of Health.

Lanthanum (57), Peg (lick), symbol (La) from Gr. lanthein, to lie hidden.

Memory Story: You're an "out to save the world" horticulturist and have been looking for a way to eradicate the very invasive lantana (Lanthanum) plant. You go to a section of Australia and lay (La) hidden in a field of lantana and sure enough it's true. Wallabies eat the stuff. You take a lick of one of the leaves and wonder how they can stomach it (let alone lick one the prickly leaves without making their skin crawl) because it's also poisonous.

Cerium (58), Peg (love and life), symbol (Ce), named for the dwarf planet Ceres which was named after the Roman goddess of agriculture, [cereal]

Memory Story: It's the 1970's and you're the CEO (Ce) of Quaker Oats Cereal and want everyone to love your
Life™ cereal
(cerium). Thus far, you don't like what the guys in advertising have come up with yet. Some little boy siblings saying, "We Love Life cereal," just before they take a bite. That is until the little boys are surprised by their finicky brother, who usually won't eat anything, is munching the stuff down. Both surprised brothers yell, "He likes it! Hey Mikey!" Now those words will sell cereal and anyone named Mike will have to live with the repetitive consequences for the rest of their lives.

Praseodymium (59), Peg (lip, loop, and lab) symbol (Pr) from Gr. prasios, green + didymos, twin, from di-, two + dymus, fold, from the green oxide that develops on it. –didym- in medical terms means "having to do with didymus or testes" and the word ending –didymus means "a conjoined twin". [didymium, lit. twin (of lanthanum), didymalgia, lit. testes pain epididymis, lit. on or upon the testes, craniodidymus, lit. skull twin, miodidymus, lit. less (unequal) twin, opodidymus, lit. eye or face twin, pygodidymus, lit. buttock twin]

Memory Story: You appraise old dimes (Praseodymium) and a customer has just brought you a rare double struck dime that looks like twin dimes. [The closest image I could find on the Internet was this penny on Ebay.] You take it back to your lab, put on your loop, and examine it very carefully. Hmm, with the higher magnification you notice some green oxidation around the lip of the coin. You pry (Pr) on it a little and it comes apart at the lip. It's a fake that's been silver soldered together. That's too bad. It would have been worth a small fortune if it were genuine.

Neodymium (60), Peg (cheese), symbol Nd, from Gr. neo, new + -didymus, twin. (See Neon and Praseodymium)

Memory Story: You want to do the magic (Swiss) cheese trick so you dump all your undies (Nd) out of your top drawer because you need an old dime (Neodymium) as a prop and you remember you had a silver one in there. Great, you found it. Now you pass the old dime through a thin slice of Swiss cheese and a pair of new dimes appears. You then flip the cheese slice over, pass the two new dimes through the cheese, and four dimes appear. You continue until there's hundreds and thousands of dimes being doubled and doubled and doubled again until you create a Sorcerer's Apprentice like flood of dimes.

Promethium (61), Peg (jet), symbol Pm, named for Prometheus (lit. Forethinker, he had the gift of prophecy), a Greek man or a Titan who stole fire from Mt. Olympus and gave the fire and its secrets to man.

Memory Story: [You're a guy.] You're the Prime Minister's (Pm) son and you're taking Pam (Pm) to the prom (Prometheus) in your parent's jet this PM. As you ascend to 30 thousand feet you have a
Twilight Zone
moment and are sent way back in time. You land the jet somewhere in ancient Greece when the people are still using stone tools. You and Pam are gods to them and of course one of the first things you show them is how to make fire because you're going to be very late for dinner. Or should I say early?

Samarium (62), Peg (chain), symbol (Sm), named for samarskite, the mineral form which it was first extracted.

Memory Story: (Warning: sexually violent imagery) A samurai (Samarium) asks a sadist to whip him with a chain because he's into S & M (Sm). (Sadomasochism) - Of course you know what the sadist said to the masochist when he asked him to beat him? The sadist said, "No".

Europium (63), Peg (jam), symbol (Eu), named for Europe.

Memory Story: You just joined the Jam of the Month Club and they sent you out your first month's exotic sample from Europe (Europium). It's called Retsina jam made from the
Greek wine Retsina
which has the flavor of pine resin in it. After your first big taste you grimace followed with, "Eeeeuuuu! (Eu) I don't know if I like this stuff, especially combined with my flaxseed peanut butter from Turkey".

Gadolinium (64), Peg (chair or cheer), symbol (Gd), named for John Gadolin

Memory Story: (Warning: Blasphemy) You're in Venice and insist on sitting on a chair during your gondola (Gadolinium) ride which ends with you in the water and saying blasphemous things like G__ D__ it. (Gd) Or. You're in the movie Blackbeard's Ghost
and during the Godolphin (Gadolinium) track team's incredible feats you cheer and mutter occasional expletives like the one above. So much for its "G" rating. Or. You're making props for a movie like
Grindhouse Planet Terror and they want a gattling (Gadolinium) gun chair for one of the scenes.

Terbium (65), Peg (shell), symbol (Tb), another element named for Ytterby, Sweden.

Memory Story: You're turbine (Terbium) car sounds like it has tuberculosis (Tb) as it coughs and sputters down the street. Finally you make it to the Shell™ gas station and put some good turbine fuel in it.

Dysprosium (66), Peg (judge), symbol (Dy), from Gr. dysprositos, hard to get, from dys-, hard, bad, difficult + proso-, onwards, forward, in front + -it-, go, or hard to go forward. [dysentery, lit. bad intestine, dyslexia, lit. bad word or phrase condition, dysotosis, lit. bad bone condition] [Prosobranchia, lit. forward gills condition, prosogyrate, lit. in front rounded characteristic] [exit, lit. go out, ambient, lit. going around, fig. completely enveloping, itinerate, to travel from place to place, transition, lit. the act of going across, fig. passage from one place or state to another, abient, lit. to go away from, adient, lit. to go towards, aditus, lit. go to, access, coitus, lit. coming together, iter, lit. a way]

Memory Story: "Dispose of him", (Dysprosium) says the judge as he points at you and your new fangled dye. (Dy) It's ancient Roman times and all you did was invent a new easy way to make
Imperial or Tyrian purple
so everyone could have it without having to harvest hundreds of thousands of sea snails called a Murex. Unfortunately for you, the whole idea was to make the purple dye very hard to get except for those in the Imperial family who could afford Imperial purple cloth. Otherwise commoners and slaves would look like the Imperial family and they can't have that. So bye bye.

Holmium (67), Peg (Jack), symbol (Ho) from L. Holmia for Stockholm.

Memory Story: You're Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas and you foresee something bad coming Jack's way. "Hold me (Holmium) Jack," you plead while he imitates Santa Claus with his "(Ho), Ho, Ho".

Erbium (68), Peg (shave), symbol Er, another element named for Ytterby, Sweden

Memory Story: You create a new fertilizer and use it on your herb (Erbium) garden. The plants literally grow right before your eyes but you must have accidentally sprayed it on your legs because there's herb growing from every pore at a phenomenal rate too. They rush you to the emergency room (Er) and they shave your legs and other areas that are also starting to grow vegetation.

Thulium (69), Peg (ship), symbol (Tm), from Thule, Scandinavia. (Gr. Thoule or L. Thule, the northernmost habitable part of the world.)

Memory Story: During an evening of transcendental meditation (Tm) you visualize and develop the plans for a T-hull ship. (Thulium) With enough speed you believe the ship's hull would come up out of the water and ride as smooth as a hydrofoil and break the current US Navy's speed records.

Ytterbium (70), Peg (goose), symbol (Y), another element named for Ytterby, Sweden.

Memory Story: (Warning:
Repulsive imagery and improper language.) You're a young goose and your mother, Mother Goose, has left your brother goose in charge of you. He's warmed up your breakfast, and with a glint in his eyes slides your breakfast in front of you and says, "Eat your BM", (Ytterbium) "Why (Y) BM? This stuff looks like a goose's bowel movement or ..." "That's what it is", your brother goose says laughing. "It's SOS, or shit on a shingle".

Lutetium (71), Peg (cat), symbol (Lu), from L. Lutetia, Paris

Memory Story: You're living during the Renaissance and your friend Lucrezia (Lutetium)
sends you a cat from Paris she calls Lulu (Lu) with the most beautiful bejeweled collar. (It could be short for lullaby and goodnight if you accidentally prick your skin on a hidden needle concealed in the collar while petting Lulu.)

Hafnium (72), Peg (cone), symbol (Hf), from L. Hafnia, Copenhagen

Memory Story: (Warning: Disturbing imagery.) Thank goodness you found your friend in time. There they were half (Hafnium) dead from huffing (Hafnium, Hf) some glue they had placed in a cone and put it over their nose and mouth. They must have passed out falling back with the cone stuck to their face.

Tantalum (73), Peg (comb), symbol (Ta), from Gr. Tantalus, King of Sisyphus. [tantalize, to torment by placing something desirable within someone's grasp but keeping it just out of their reach]

Memory Story: Your friend has taught his tarantula (Tantalum) to comb his hair and now offers you the same opportunity to which you respond, "ta ta". (Ta)

Tungsten (74), Peg (cry), symbol (W for Wolfram), from Nordic tung
sten, heavy stone, and Wolfram from German wolf
rahm, wolf cream or soot.

Memory Story: Your friend is the little boy who cried wolf (Wolfram) and his punishment (kind of like in the novel The Scarlet Letter) is to have the letter W stitched on his tongue. (Tungsten) Don't worry, the stitches will come out in about two weeks but he'll never cry wolf again.

Rhenium (75), Peg (call), symbol (Re), from L. Rhenus, the Rhine

Memory Story: It's your first place and you're late on paying your rent (Rhenium) and the red hen (Rhenium) from Red Hen Real Estate (Re) has left you an impatient message on your answer machine. You call Red Hen R.E. and she answers, "Red Hen Real Estate, The sky is falling". [That really inspires a lot of R. E. investors.]







Thursday, April 29, 2010

Memorizing the word parts -angi-, angio-, phlebo- used in medical terms

reddish brown emboldened words are medical terms that should be looked up in a medical dictionary for their figurative meanings.

orange emboldened words are terms taken from other fields of study that may be of interest.

angi-, angio- from Gr. angeion, a vessel, means "a vessel of some kind [usually blood but not always]". [angiocardiography, lit. the drawing of heart vessels, angiocyst, lit. vessel bladder, angioplasty, lit. the surgical formation of a vessel, angioscotoma, lit. vessel scotoma or vessel dark spot, cholangiole, lit. a diminutive bile vessel, gonangiectomy, lit. excision of a seed vessel, Hydrangea, Bot. lit. water vessel]

phlebo- from Gr. phleps means "vein". [fleam, Med. an obsolete lancet, phlebeurysm, lit. vein widening (dilation), phleboclysis, lit. washing out a vein, Phlebotomus, lit. vein cutter, phlebotomy, lit. vein incision, pylephlebectasis, lit. gate (portal) vein stretching out (dilation) condition)

Memory story: [I use fleas for a few of my blood and blood vessel stories. This is one of them.] For weeks you've been watching submariner fleas build a vessel to sail down blood and lymph vessels. Upon close inspection you now see they call their little flea boat (phlebo-) "The Angie" (angi-).

Periodic Table’s Elements Iron (26) through Tin (50)

Using Mnemonic's Phonetic Peg System in memory story form for memorizing the elements Iron through Tin by their atomic number. Unlike using rote memorization, these memory stories should last our memory for years to come. Also, for more long-term memory word association purposes I've included information about the element's word part meanings and a few common, academic, scientific, and/or medical words that share the same word parts.

Iron (26), Peg (notch), symbol Fe, from the word ferrous, word part ferri-, ferro-. [farrier, a smith who shoes horses, ferrule, lit. diminutive iron (bracelet), feratin, Chem. ferric, lit. relating to iron, ferrokinetics, lit. the study of iron movement]

Memory Story: Billy the Kid has asked you, a rather nervous farrier, if you would be so kind as to put another notch in the handle of his shooting Iron after he killed the farrier whose job you took over. You tell him sure and there'll be no fee (Fe) because you'll let the fairies (ferrous) do the job tonight. He believes you.

Cobalt (27), Peg (neck), symbol Co, from a German kobald meaning "goblin, underground spirit".

Memory Story: [We need to share an image of cobalt blue glass.]
Your first week out of boot camp you get the wonderful job of cleaning the Commanding Officer's (C.O.) (Co) house and accidentally break the long neck off his beautiful cobalt blue vase he paid dearly for in Singapore. Instead of trying to hide the vase you show him what you've done without any excuses, apologize, and prepare to take your punishment, which never comes.

Nickel (28), Peg (knife), symbol Ni, from a German word kupfernickel, which means "copper nickel" with nickel probably meaning "demon's or devil's".

Memory Story: You bought a nickel knife last night (Ni) for a nickel. Thinking you got a great deal you find out in the morning you paid about four cents too much.

Copper (29), Peg (knob or nap), symbol Cu, from the Latin word cuprum from Cyprus which was renowned for its ancient copper mines.

Memory Story: You're a new cop who has been staked out to watch for the vandals who've been ripping the copper pipes out of abandoned houses in your town. You've been in this house for twelve hours waiting for someone to turn the copper knob of the front door. You decide to take a nap so you balance a piece of copper pipe on the door knob so it will wake you up when someone turns the knob and lie back for a short twenty winks. Unfortunately you're a sond sleeper and the thieves come in the back door, take out the pipe, and then the jam the front door shut with the copper pipe you put there as a burglar alarm and yell "See you (Cu) Copper", as they run down the street laughing. You still didn't hear them. I think you need to consider a career change.

Zinc (30), Peg (mouse), symbol Zn, from German zink, of unknown origin.

Memory Story: [We need to share the image of a Zen garden for this memory story.] You're pet mouse has created a Zen (Zn) garden in your zinc sink and spends all day in the sink meditating and practicing the art required for the Zen tea ceremony with your pet turtles,
Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo

Gallium (31), Peg (moat), symbol Ga, from L. Gallia, Gaul, France. (See Building Blocks of the Universe, a book on the elements by Isaac Asimov for more intriguing information about the name Gallium.)

Memory Story: [We need to share the image of a galley for this memory story.] You're a very young Cortez and have a dream about crossing a moat with a fleet of galleys (Gallium) you have built by hauling them through a jungle and up the sides of mountains piece by piece. That dream always bothered you until you use the idea to build small galleys, cross the lake barrier surrounding the city of Tenochtitlan, and conquer the Aztecs starting on the night of one of their bloody galas. (Ga)

Germanium (32), Peg (mine or moon), symbol Ge, from L. Germania, Germany.

Memory Story: Gee (Ge) a German mine. I wonder how it works you think as you start to fiddle with the thing. Or.
Warning: [A bit off color and this memory story also has the possibility of causing interference with Selenium so it's up to the user.] Gee (Ge) a German moon, you think as you take close aim at a German soldier during WWI's Battle of the Somme who has decided to show how brave he is by mooning the British and French side of the front.
You miss and permanently leave your mark a little lower on a lance corporal named Adolph Hitler.

Arsenic (33), Peg (mummy), symbol As, from Greek arsenikon, yellow orpiment.

Memory Story: Warning: (Could be offensive to some people.) Your ass (As) of a friend decided he would be an arsonist (Arsenic, not related) and burn down a vacant building just for the hell of it. Now he's wrapped up like a mummy because he couldn't get out of the building he set on fire.

Selenium (34), Peg (mower), symbol (Se), from Gr. selene which means "moon or crescent" and so called because it resembles tellurium from L. tellus, earth. [selenodont, lit. moon (crescent) tooth, Selenomonas, lit. moon (crescent) unit, Selena, Greek Religion, goddess of the moon]

Memory Story: A super salesperson like you has no problem selling (Selenium, not related) mowers to the moon creatures who live along the edge of the moon's Sea (Se) of Tranquility.

Bromine (35), Peg (mule), symbol Br, from Gr. bromos, bad smell, with word part –brom- meaning "stench or the presence of bromine in a compound". [bromide, fig. a worn out platitude [that smells], antibromic, lit. against a stench, bromate, Chem. bromide, Chem, bromidrosis, lit. smelly sweat condition, bromism, Med. chronic bromide intoxication, Bromeikon™, lit. bromine image, fig. a trademark substance used for X-ray imaging of the gall bladder]

Memory Story: Warning: (Sixth grade humor ahead.) It's about 1850 in Kentucky and you're to take the family's wares to market on this cold winter morning. You load a thousand of some of the best homemade brooms (bromine) in the state onto the backs of your pack mules because the path to town and the railroad is too narrow for a wagon. Brrr, (Br) it sure is cold today you think when Old Flatulence, your lead mule, hee haws and then cuts a real loud one getting all the mules braying because of the stench. Damn. He's been in that pile of spent beer and whisky grain again.

Krypton (36), Peg (mash), symbol Kr, from Gr. kryptos, hidden; so named because it was rare and difficult to find in hot springs' gases. Word parts krypt-, crypt- mean "hidden or concealed". [crypt, a hidden burial vault under the main floor of a church, cryptic, hidden or secret, apocryphal, lit. hidden away, orig. books hidden from the public because they contained harmful esoteric information, now, anything of questionable authenticity, crypta, lit. crypt, cryptomenorrhea, lit. hidden month flow, Cryptostroma
corticale, lit. hidden fibrous structure – bark, onychocryptosis, lit. concealed nail condition]

Memory Story: You're the arch criminal Lex Luthor. You travel to Africa and steal a meteorite of Kryptonite from a museum. Then you have slave labor mash the meteorite into a fine powder hide it in a lead lined shipping container marked Kraft™. The harmless looking container is shipped to a crypt in Europe where you hide it until you perfect your plan on enticing Superman to come you and the hidden crypt full of Kryptonite powder.

Rubidium (37), Peg (mug), symbol Rb, from L. ruber meaning "red", so named because rubidium's spectroscope displays two red lines. [ruby, rubric, that part of a work in early manuscripts which was colored red, metarubricyte, lit. beyond or changing red cell, rubella, lit. diminutive red, rubeola, lit. diminutive red, rubor, lit. redness]

Memory Story: You make ruby red mugs for Arby's (Rb) roast beef sandwich fast food chain.

Strontium (38), Peg (movie), symbol Sr, named for the Scottish village of Strontian, having been discovered from lead ores from their mines.

Memory Story: You're watching a movie
of last week's high school football game with the head coach. "We have a strong team (Strontium) Sir (Sr)", you comment as the team displays their obvious athletic strength by rolling over the other team on every play in the movie.

Yttrium (39), Peg (mop), symbol Y, named for Ytterby, Sweden.

Memory Story: You've been working for a janitorial service for about six months and being the new guy you always get the hardest job. "Why (Y) mop the white room (Yttrium) every night if no one ever uses it?" you ask your supervisor. You want to know because the white room is the size of a football field and so white it would blind you if you didn't use sunglasses during your entire eight hour shift. [Atrium would also work for Yttrium as a word substitution.]

Zirconium (40), Peg (rose), symbol Zr, from Persian zargun meaning "gold like" and from Fr. jargon, jargoon, zircons fine enough to used as gems.

Memory Story: It's about 1890 and your friend Rose received a fifty carat zircon from the Czar. (Zr) Or. Your eyes just about popped out of your head when your friend Rose found a huge zircon during your archeological dig in Zaire. (Zr)

Niobium (41), Peg (rod or road), symbol Nb, from Niobe, daughter of Tantalus and so named because of problems distinguishing Niobium's differences from Tantalum when it was first discovered.

Memory Story: You're Jedi Knight Qui-Gon Jinn and have numerous disciplinary problems with a newbie (Nb) so you take a rod to his little behind and then put him to bed. "Night Obi-Wan. (Niobium) We'll start fresh tomorrow with a new attitude, won't we?" you tell your new charge as you turn off the light. [Niobe is also a Matrix character that could also be used.] Warning: You're going down the road to the Nude Beach (Nb) because you've been told Niobe was there catching some rays.

Molybdenum (42), Peg (rain), symbol Mo, from Anc. Gr. molybdos, lead.

Memory Story: Your stooge friend Moe (Mo) borrowed and left your favorite Levis™ out in the rain and now after two weeks of damp weather they're moldy denims. (Molybdenum) Sure they look a little fuzzy but no one else in school has a spotted pair like them and you'll be the envy of everyone. That is until they get within smelling distance of you.

Technetium (43), Peg (ram), symbol Tc, from Gr. technetos, artificial from techne, art, skill, craft. [pyrotechnics, lit. the organized knowledge of fire craft, fig. the art of creating and firing fireworks, polytechnic, lit. relating to many arts, fig. a technical school in many industrial arts, technique, the application of an artform, technocausis, the art of burning]

Memory Story: You work for a Telecommunications (Tc) company that has a ram as their technical nut (Technetium) or the guy who fixes all the technical problems with the equipment. Technicians come from miles around to watch the ram as he artfully performs his craft with the skill of a practiced surgeon. Because of his abilities your company's equipment has never gone down because he fixes the problems before they happen.

Ruthenium (44), Peg (rear), symbol Ru, named for Ruthenia, Russia from where it was originally discovered.

Memory Story: Well you didn't have to ask because her reputation preceded or maybe I should say followed her but you ask anyway. "Are you (Ru) Ruth Anne?" (Ruthenium) you ask of the lady with a very large rear end.

Rhodium (45), Peg (roll), symbol Rh, from Gr. rhodon, rose, red, from the rose red color of some of rhodium's salts. [rhododendron, lit. rose tree, fig. an evergreen shrub prized for its beautiful clusters of flowers, rhodopsin, lit. red vision substance, Rhodophyllus sinuatus, lit. red leaf – bending or wavy]

Memory Story: [You're in charge of props for the movie Wizard of Oz.] Well you thought it looked great but you have the flying Rhesus (Rh) monkey actors, on loan from doing the scariest part in the movie; roll up the red brick road (Rhodium) because of some stupid song they just wrote that doesn't go with it. Artists? You could have painted the top of the stupid plastic prop road yellow but oh no. They wanted entire bricks painted yellow and set in place one at a time. With the way they're spending money on this movie they'll never make a dime.

Palladium (46), Peg (roach), symbol Pd, from the asteroid Pallas which was discovered and named about two years before Palladium, from the epithet Pallas Athena because Athena slew the Titan Pallas in the Gigantomachy (Battle of the giants).

Memory Story: [We need to share some info about the old Palladium dance hall in New York so we can share the same visual association.] You're with the New York PD (Pd) and have been called out on a weird call to the old Palladium that was closed down in 1966. You go inside the old dance hall and the place is full of giant cockroaches doing all sorts of Latin dances. What the hell. You join them in a giant roach conga line and have a great time dancing around the old Palladium.

Silver (47), Peg (rock), symbol Ag, from L. argentum, silver, from Indo-European root arg, lit. white or shining. [Argentina, Arges, a Cyclops in Greek Mythology meaning "bright", argentation, lit. silver process or condition, argyria, lit. silver condition, litharge, lit. silver stone]

Memory Story: You discover during an exploration of the "rock of ages" (Ag) it turns out to be loaded with silver. Or. You're surfing the web looking for something to associate silver and rock of ages to and find this cover art for the Rock of Ages musical.

Cadmium (48), Peg (roof), symbol Cd from L. cadmium, which means calamine, a lotion made from zinc oxide.

Memory Story: Your mom is painted pinkish white from head to foot after a long hike through the woods and admiring the beautiful red leaves of some poison ivy. She needs some more calamine lotion and sends you to the store. You borrow the Cadillac (Cadmium) with that special roof made out of your mom's CDs (Cd) molded inside of a laminated plastic covering. Oh, I forgot to mention your mom's a famous country western singer didn't I?

Indium (49), Peg (rope), symbol In from the indigo color seen in its spectrum. [India, from the country being the earliest center of indigo dyes]

Memory Story: You're doing the famous Indian rope trick for your friends and when you get to the top you pass through a violet blue like dimension and when you climb back down you find yourself in (In) India. (Indium)

Tin (50), Peg (lace), symbol (Sn) from L. stannum, orig. an alloy of silver and lead.

Memory Story: You're the proud mother or father of your son (Sn) Stan. Stan's about eight years old and get's the part of the Tinman in The Wizard of Oz play at school. You make the suit out of tin and using a metal wire you lace Stan inside the suit. Unfortunately the suit is a bit stiff and you have to stand Stan up (stannum) because he keeps falling over.




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Memorizing medical word part anemo-

Struggling Student's Memory Guide uses association and mnemonic memory techniques to help students memorize educational information quickly without rote memorization. This blog is about one (anemo-) of about a thousand medical word parts a health science can and should remember for the rest of their professional lives.

Why memorize these meanings? Because if we remember these medical word part meanings, we will know the literal meanings of over ninety percent of all the terms in a medical dictionary. Or, to state this another way, if a high school student memorized these meanings they would be ready for most of the scientific and medical terminology they're going to confront and learn the hard way in college.

[As an aside, they would also have the associative building blocks for about sixty percent of the academic terms they'll need to get through college. However word parts for common and academic terms are not as helpful because these terms are much more figurative than medical and scientific terms.]

Using association and mnemonics I think this memory challenge can be accomplished easily in six months and with use, remembered for a lifetime.

blue emboldened words are common or academic terms that can be associated to a medical term because they share the same word parts.

reddish brown emboldened words are medical terms that should be looked up in a medical dictionary for their figurative meanings. [Most of the time, in medical and scientific terminology, the literal and figurative meanings are the same or very close to each other.]

orange emboldened words are terms from other fields of study that use the same word part and may be of interest.

anemo- from Gr. anemos, wind, means "wind, a current of air, inhalation". [anemometer, lit. wind measurer, fig. a wind measuring device, anemonol, lit. wind oil, anemone, Bot. wind flower, sea anemone, Marine Bio.]

Memory Story: You're the clown fish Nemo from the movie Finding Nemo and live in an anemone (anemo-, rel.) that looks like it's always blowing in the wind.