Monday, March 8, 2010

Memorizing medical term alopecia

Struggling Student's Memory Guide goal is to use long-term memory associations and other memory techniques to show students and instructors ways to eliminate rote memorization, a short-term memory technique. The main focus in these blogs is on the word parts used to create medical terminology but there are other subjects like the Bill of Rights, The Preamble, Bloom's Taxonomy, Architectural Order, (so far) and this week we're going to start on the Periodic Table.

reddish brown emboldened words are medical terms that should be looked up in a medical dictionary for their figurative meanings.

orange emboldened words are from different subjects that may be of interest to some people.

Medical term and memory story from High Speed Memory Techniques for Medical Terminology.

alopecia from Gr. alope, a fox, means "a disease like fox mange or baldness". [Alopecurus, Bot. foxtails (grass)]

Memory Story: You're Ali Pash (alopecia) and your hair is falling out like you have fox mange. That's too bad because now your six hundred wives won't have anything to do with you baldy, (almost bald that is).

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