Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Memorizing Bloom's Taxonomy

Using association and memory techniques to quickly remember educational information is the goal of Struggling Student's Memory Guide. Hopefully we can alleviate the use of rote memorization in school with enough instructors looking for or creating long-term memory associations like the one below.

For two examples on how to use visual associations and mnemonics to memorize Bloom's Taxonomy, first we're going to use an acronym in a memory story and then we're going to use a memory story without an acronym which comes close to being a Link technique. Starting from the base of the pyramid and going up the key words are: Knowledge, Understanding, Application, Analysis, Synthesis, Evaluation.

Unfortunately (and as usual in mnemonics) there are no acronyms that fit our needs perfectly so we're going to get a bit creative. The only word I came up with for an acronym was a misspelling of the word koalas to a KUAlAS Evaluation. [Kuala Lumpur didn't work that well either.]

Memory Story: Your
knowledge of Bloomers (Bloom) is second to none so as an
underwear (understanding) specialist you've been asked to investigate the
application of KUAlAS appliques and
analyze (analysis) why they keep falling off the
synthetic (synthesis) bloomers your company manufactures and give the company your
Unfortunately your company has been using tacks (taxonomy) to apply the kualas appliques and when your customers pick the tacks off the KUAlAS fall off too.

Now let's do the memory story that's also like a Link. For those unfamiliar with the Link memory technique it's making visual connections or associations between things we wouldn't normally make which can make the Link rather bizarre. That's good though because the stranger and more visual the Links are the more memorable they are.

Warning: This Link is in red because it may offend some people.
You look out in the garden and there's blooms (Bloom's Taxonomy) everywhere. Running around is a gnome (knowledge) in his underwear (understanding). You toss an apple (application) at him and he bends over, points at his anal (analysis) region, and makes a repulsive sound like a rock band's synthesizer (synthesis) that knocks you to the ground. Your friend Eve (evaluation) comes over and picks you up off the ground.

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