Friday, April 2, 2010

Memorizing word part ana-

Using association and mnemonic memory techniques can make it possible to recall information most people think they could never remember without using a lot of boring rote memorization. The well used word part ana-, with its multiple meanings defined below, is only one example of how helpful visual and verbal mnemonics can be to our memory.

blue emboldened words are common or academic terms that we can associate to a more difficult medical or scientific term because they share the same word part.

reddish brown words are medical terms that should be looked up in a medical dictionary for their figurative meanings.

ana- from Gr. ana, up, means "back or backward, again or against, excessive, up or upwards(most of the time), or through". [anachronism, lit. against time, fig. an error, by a writer usually, which places persons or things in the wrong time, analysis, lit. to loosen up, fig. investigating the parts of a whole, anabiosis, lit. the state of living again, anabrosis, lit. eating up process, anacatesthesia, lit. up down sensation, anaclasis, lit. bending back, anadipsia, lit. the condition of excessive thirst, anastomosis, lit. mouth through process, cholanopoiesis, lit. making bile upwards]

Memory Story: [ana- is opposite of cata- which works out well for our memory story because here ana- is a dog and later when we do cata- it will be a cat.] Oh no. She's come through the door and is back again. You're at your friend's house when Ana, (ana-, not related) your friend's forty five pound, slobbering, under washed mongrel, runs up to you and knocks you backward onto the couch. "Up Ana, up", your friend coaxes as Ana jumps into your lap for the sixth excessive time today. "Isn't Ana a BEAUTy?" he asks you. (back or backward, excessive, again or against, up or upward, through)

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