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Mnemonic’s Peg System Using the Phonetic Code aka The Major System

When a "Memory Expert" memorizes lists of things by their numerical order (shuffled decks of cards, magazine info by their page number, etc.) they've spent a lot of time using a mnemonic peg system which they've carefully prepared and pre-visualized for clarity and speed purposes. That way they're ready to visually "hang" an image on their pegs as they perform their art.

We've already used the rhyme peg list below to memorize the Bill of Rights in my first blogs but now we need a lot more pegs than just ten because in my upcoming blogs I want to help students memorize the Periodic Table's elements by their atomic number. Below there's one hundred and four pegs for the Periodic Table using Mnemonic's Phonetic Code. If you want a more extensive peg list I would like to suggest Dr. Alan Krill's book Pseudonumerology. This book is almost two hundred pages of phonetic codes from 0 through 99940. It's ponderous but I promise you, it won't give you a pseudonumerologicphoebia. (A made up word for sesquipedalian mnemonics lovers that's 0-9 using the phonetic code.)

Before deciding which pegs to choose and pre-visualizing them deep into your memory, I want to share a mnemonic idea that makes this challenge a bit easier and more expedient. We don't want to spend time mentally searching for our peg image so it's helpful to know our peg list as well as the things in our house. Try placing your pegs in a familiar location (Loci method) like your house so a teacup is at your front door and maybe Noah's ark is just inside the front door. This makes the visualization and association Links go even faster and if you decide you want to impress your friends with how fast you can memorize a deck of cards or other numerical lists this will speed up the process. [Note: As you run through your Peg Loci when memorizing shuffled decks of cards or other numerical lists a few hundred times your pre-visualized pegs become extraneous and disappear as the location becomes the peg, which allows you to go even faster.]

Also, when creating your visual image for your chosen pegs give them some life. If you decide to use teacup as "one", don't just visualize a teacup but maybe visualize yourself in a spinning teacup from Disneyland's Teacup ride. You may also find it helpful to visualize yourself in the imagery. Also, and this is very important, if you're thinking about memorizing decks of cards don't use pegs that start with h (hearts), s (spades), d (diamonds), or c (clubs) in your peg list. You're going to need some of those pegs for the cards and then you'll have to redo your peg list.


Rhyme Peg List

1-run, 2-zoo, 3-tree, 4-door, 5-hive, 6-sticks, 7-heaven, 8-gate, 9-dine, 10-den

Phonetic Code Pegs or The Major System

(There are many more possible pegs but I've tried to use the most easily visualized one.)


One - (tea) cup, toy, toe, ad, auto, dough, hat

Two – Noah, Anne, gnu, honey, wine, wino, yawn, hen

Three – Ma, Amie, emu, home, ham, hem

Four – rye, arrow, ear, hair, hero, Ray, war, wire, whore

Five – owl, eel, heel, hole, hula, lye, oil, whale, willow, wool

Six – shoe, ash, hash, hooch, jaw, Jew, Joe, ouch, witch

Seven – cow, ache, egg, hag, hawk, hickey, hike, hookah, hug, key, oak, wig, yoke

Eight – ivy, Eve, hive, UFO, weave, wife

Nine – bee, ape, buoy, boy, hippie, hippo, hobo, hypo, paw, pea, pie, whip, wipe,

Ten – toes, daisy, autos, dose, hats, heads, hoods, hothouse, woods

Eleven – toad, dad, date, death, dude, hothead, idiot, tattoo, teeth, tooth

Twelve – dune, Dan, Dane, dean, teen, thong, tin (don't use this number peg for the periodic table), tongue, tuna, wooden

Thirteen – dam, tomb, dam, Adam, atom, dame, dime, dome, team, thumb, Tom

Fourteen – tire, Audrey, author, dairy, deer, door, hatter (mad), hooter, hydra, otter, Thor, Torah, tower, tree, tray, water

Fifteen – doll, Attila, dial, duel, hotel, huddle, Italy, tail, tool

Sixteen – dish, dash, DJ, Dodge, tissue

Seventeen – tug (boat), deck, decoy, Dick, dike, doc, dock, dog, duck, taco, tag, toga

Eighteen – TV, Dave, dive, taffy, toffee, tofu

Nineteen – tub, adobe, depot (Home), dope, dip, tabby, tap, tape, tepee, toupee, tuba

Twenty – nose, anus, hens, hyenas, knees, NASA, Nessie as in Loch Ness, niece

Twenty one – net, aunt, hunt, knight, knot, nightie, nude, nut

Twenty two – nun, neon (don't use for the periodic table), onion, union

Twenty three – gnome, enemy, enema

Twenty four – Nero, owner, wiener, winery, winner

Twenty five – nail, knoll, Nile, Noel

Twenty six – notch, wench, winch, Angie

Twenty seven – neck, Hank, honky, hunk, Inca, nag, nook, Nick, nuke, Yankee

Twenty eight – knife, knave, nephew, nova

Twenty nine – knob, nap, nip

Thirty – mouse, homes, mace, Mace, mass, Mayas, mesa, Messiah, moose, Muse

Thirty one – mit (baseball), mat, mate, maid, mead, meadow, meat, Medea, moat, moth, mouth, mud, mutt

Thirty two – moon, men, mane, mine, woman, women, yeoman

Thirty three – mime, mamma, Miami, mom, mummy, muumuu

Thirty four – mower, Homer, homer, Hummer™, mohair, myrrh, moray

Thirty five – mule, male, mall, mill, mole

Thirty six – mash (potatoes), Amish, macho, mush

Thirty seven – mug, amigo, hammock, Mecca, Mike, mocha

Thirty eight – muff (ear or hand), Mafia, Mojave, movie

Thirty nine – mop, amoeba, hemp, hump(back) whale, map, mob, Moby

Forty – rose, Aries, arrows, ears, Eros, hairs, harrows, hearse, heiress, Horace, horse, oars, rice, wars

Forty one – road, arrowhead, art, heart, rat, redeye, riot, rodeo, root, wart, yard

Forty two – rain, arena, Ernie, hernia, heroine, heroin, horn, iron, Orion, rhino, Rhine, Reno, ruin, urn, yarn

Forty three – ram, arm, army, harem, rhyme, rim, Rome, room, rum, worm

Forty four – rear, Aurora, horror (movie), warrior, worrier

Forty five – roll, earl, oral, rail, reel, royal, rule

Forty six – roach, arch, Irish, orgy, rajah, rash, rich, rouge, Russia

Forty seven – rock, arc, earache, Iraq, rack, rag, Reich, rook, rookie, rug, wreck

Forty eight – roof, reef, RV, rave (party)

Forty nine – rope, Arab, herb, orb, rabbi, rib, robe, ruby (don't use this number peg for the Periodic Table)

Fifty – lace, Alice, hills, lassie, lasso, lice, Louis, owls, whales, wheels, willows

Fifty one – light, Eliot, Iliad, lady, latte, lath, lathe, lead (don't use for Periodic Table), lotto

Fifty two – lion, alien, Helen, lane, lawn, line, loin, loon

Fifty three – lime, Alamo, elm, alum, lamb, limb, limo, loom

Fifty four – lyre, healer, lawyer, liar, lure, oiler, whaler, Yeller (Old)

Fifty five – lily, lolly(pop), oil well

Fifty six – leech, algae, eulogy, lash, leash, ledge, lodge,

Fifty seven - lock, lick, elk, Hulk™, loco, Luke

Fifty eight – lava, love, elf, leaf, levee, olive, wolf

Fifty nine – lip, elbow, lobby, LP, wallaby

Sixty – cheese, ashes, chess, chews, jaws, jays, jazz, Joyce

Sixty one – jet, chateau, cheat, chute, geode, jade, jetty, judo, shade, shadow, s@#$

Sixty two – chain, China, Eugene, genie, gin, Jane, Jean, John, Johan, June, ocean,

Sixty three – jam, gem, chime, Jimmy, gym, chamois

Sixty four – chair, gyro, jar, jury, sherry, shore, shower, usher, washer

Sixty five – shell, cello, chalet, Chile, chili, jail, Jell-O™, Shelly

Sixty six – judge, cha-cha, choo-choo, hashish, Joshua

Sixty seven – chick, check, cheek, choke, Chuck, chuck, Czech, jack, Jack, jock, jog, jockey, jug

Sixty eight – chef, chief, Chevy, Java, Jehovah, Jiffy™ peanut butter, shave, Shiva

Sixty nine – ship, chap, chip, chop, Jeep™, job, sheep, shop

Seventy – gas, ax, case, cows, eggs, hawks, hex, hickeys, hikes, hogs, kiss, ox

Seventy one – goat, cat, coat, code, coot, cud, egghead, God, god, kid, kit, kitty, kite

Seventy two – cone, can, cane, canoe, coin, con, coon, guano, gun, iguana, Ken, king, queen

Seventy three – comb, cameo, gum, gummy (bear), game

Seventy four – car, choir, chorea, core, cry, cure, curio, Gary, gear, hiker, hooker, Korea, okra

Seventy five – coal, cola, coil, coolie, eagle, galley, Gail, ghoul, glow, glue, goal, goalie, igloo, koala

Seventy six – cash, , cage, coach, cashew, gauge, geisha, gouge

Seventy seven – cake, cock, cog, coke, cookie, gig, kayak, keg, kick, kook, quake

Seventy eight – cave, cafe, calf, coffee, cove, (hand)cuff, goof

Seventy nine – cup, cop, cab, cob, coop, cowboy, cub, Cuba, guppy, hiccup

Eighty – vase, face, fizz, fuse, fuzz, fuzzy, hives, hoofs, office, vase, vice, visa, vise

Eighty one - fat, aphid, feat, feet, fight, feud, food, foot, fit, VD, video, voodoo, vote

Eighty two – phone, fan, fawn, fin, funny, Havana, heaven, oven, phony, van, vane, vein, Vienna, vine

Eighty three – foam, fume, fame, FM

Eighty four – fire, Afro, aviary, fairy, Pharaoh, ferry, fur, Hoover, ivory, voyeur

Eighty five – file, evil, flaw, flea, flu, foil, folio, fool, offal, oval, veal, veil vile, viola, volley

Eighty six – fish, Fiji, fudge, fuchsia, voyage

Eighty seven – fig, fag, fake, fog, f@#%

Eighty eight – fife, Fifi, five, viva, woof-woof

Eighty nine – fob, fib, phobia, phoebe, VIP, VP

Ninety – bus, base, bass, Boise, booze, boss, pass, paws, peas, peso, pizza, piss, pies, posse, pus, wipes, whips

Ninety one – bat, bait, bath, bead, beauty, bed, beet, behead, bet, bite, boat, boot, Buddha, hobbit, patio, patty

Ninety two – ban, bean, bone, bun, bunny, pawn, pen, penny, pin, pony, weapon

Ninety three – bum, bomb, beam, opium, palm, poem, puma

Ninety four – bar, beer, bear, berry, bra, brew, bury, buyer, opera, Peru, power, pyre

Ninety five – ball, apple, Apollo, bell, belly, Bill, bill, blue, bowl, bull, pail, opal, pal

Ninety six – bush, Apache, badge, bitch, Butch, page, patch, peach, pitch, pooch, pouch, push

Ninety seven – puck, back, Bach, beak, beg, bike, bog, book, bookie, bouquet, bug, peg, pick, pig, pug, puke

Ninety eight – Puff (the Magic Dragon), beef, beehive, buffet

Ninety nine – puppy, baby, Bob, booboo, boob, bye-bye, papa, poop, pop, Popeye

One hundred – disease, daisies, decease, diocese, dices, doses, dozes, Odysseus, outhouses

One hundred one – test, toast, dust, taste, wet suit

One hundred two – design, Disney, dozen, Edison, Hudson, teasing, tossing

One hundred three – toss'm, toss me, atheism, autism

One hundred four – (bull)dozer, dowser, howitzer, teaser





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