Friday, January 22, 2010

Remembering the Bill of Rights' Eighth Amendment

The Bill of Rights' Eighth Amendment deals with cruel and/or unusual punishment and excessive bail or fines.

In this memory story we're going to substitute "gate" for "eight" and for those who use the Link/Peg/Phonetic system we're going to use "ivy".

Memory story: You're trying to get your friend out of a foreign prison renowned for its cruelty. You walk past the manicured "ivy" covered wall and the guard lets you through the squeaky "gate". What contrast there is between the peaceful street scene and this prison. There are punishments going on here that are right out of the Spanish Inquisition. It has moved you and all your friends and their family to part with all the moneys you have to bail your friend out of prison and pay his fine before he is subjected to the same treatment. He never should have parked in El General's parking place as a joke because they obviously don't have a sense of humor here.

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