Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Remembering word part acm-, acme-, akme-

The goal of Struggling Student's Memory Guide is to develop ways to use association and mnemonic memory techniques, instead of rote memorization, to remember educational information we can use for a lifetime.

blue emboldened words are common or college terms that can be use for word association purposes.

reddish brown emboldened words are medical terms that should be looked up in a medical dictionary for their figurative meanings.

Memory story and word part taken from High Speed Memory Techniques for Medical Terminology.

acm-, acme-, akme- from Gr. akme, a point or edge, means "a point, a highest piont or a figurative highest point (such as the crisis in a disease, prime time in life or a cycle)". [acme, the top or highest point attainable, acmesthesia, lit. point sensation or feeling, anakmesis, lit. not highest point condition, menacme, lit. menstral prime, paracme, lit. beyond the highest point] (see -ac-)

Memory Story: (Going after the prime time in a life or cycle meaning.) You're in the movie Logan's Run and at the prime of your life when your friend asks whose hand is blinking. "Ach me", (acme-) you cry just noticing the blinking jewel. "Cool. Tomorrow you can float up to the highest point of the dome and get blasted into atoms!" your friends all yell with glee.

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