Sunday, January 17, 2010

Remembering word part -acanth-

Struggling Student's Memory Guide goal is to develop different ways for students to use associative long-term memory techniques and quit relying on rote memorization. I will be posting medical and scientific word part meanings from my book on a daily basis along with other associations and mnemonics I've developed over the years. Please feel free to share them and submit your memory ideas. Undoubtedly, we can all use all the memory help we can get. Thank you.
blue emboldened words are common or college terms which can be used for word association purposes.
reddish brown emboldened words are medical terms which should be looked up in a medical dictionary for their figurative meanings.
orange emboldened words are terms of interest from other fields of study than medical terminology.
-acanth-, acantho- from Gr. akantha, thorn, prickle, means "thorn, spiney, spine, prickly" (possibly from -ac-, sharp + -anther-, flower or -ac-, sharp + -canthus, corner) [acanthus, a prickly plant that's leaves are used as a carved motif on Corinthian columns and moldings, acanthion, lit. thorn craniometric point, Acanthocephala, lit. thorn head, acanthoma, lit. prickly tumor, cystacanth, lit. bladder thorn, paracanthoma, lit. alongside prickly tumor, coelacanth, lit. hollow spine, Zoo. a prehistoric fish (with a hollow spine) once thought extinct. (see -ac-)
Memory story: You're a campus (acanthus) landscape artist and create planting beds of acanthus, holly hedges, and bougainvillea arbors to keep students from taking short cuts through the planters.

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