Friday, February 19, 2010

Medical word agapism

If every high school student remembered the meanings of a little over a thousand medical word parts they'd have the fundamental vocabulary building blocks to become the doctors and other health science professionals of tomorrow. Struggling Student's Memory Guide uses long-term memory techniques like association and mnemonics to make this endeavor more efficient and more  entertaining than using rote memorization, the much maligned short-term memory technique we all know too well. 

orange emboldened words are terms from other fields of study that some people may find helpful and interesting.

reddish brown emboldened words are medical terms that should be looked up in a medical dictionary for their figurative meanings.

Medical term and memory story from High Speed Memory Techniques for Medical Terminology.

agapism from Gr. agape means "brotherly love, non-sexual love". [agapanthus, Bot. lit. the flower of brotherly love, fig. the common lily of the Nile]

Memory Story: [You're a groom.] It's your wedding night and there's a ten foot gap (agape, not related) and a string of barbed wire between the two beds in your honeymoon suite. She always said she loved you like a brother and she plans to keep it that way.

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