Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Memorizing medical/scientific word parts -actin- and -rad-

The goal of Struggling Student's Memory Guide is to develop ways to use association and mnemonic memory techniques, instead of rote memorization, to remember education information we can use for a lifetime.

blue emboldened words are common or college terms that can be used for word association purposes.

reddish brown emboldened words are medical terms that should be looked up in a medical dictionary for their figurative meanings.

actin-, actino- from Gr. aktinos, means "ray, radiation, or having radiating parts". [actinium, a radioactive element, Actinobacillus, lit. radiating little rods, actinochemistry, obsolete term for radiochemistry, Actinomyces, lit. radiated fungus]

-rad-, -radi- from L. radix, root, means "root, something shaped like a root, rays, tentacles". [radish, radio, eradicate, lit. to root out, fig. to pull out by the roots, radiate, lit. to make rays, fig. to emit rays, radical, lit. relating to roots, fig. proceeding directly from the root, radium, element that gives off rays of radiation, radicle, radicotomy, lit. root incision, radius, lit. a ray, radix, lit. root, steradian, lit. solid radius]

radicul-, radiculo- from the diminutive of L. radix, root, means "radicle, a diminutive root like structure". [radicula, lit. a diminutive root, radiculopathy, lit. radicle disease]

radio- from L. radius, ray, means "radiation, esp. X-ray radiation, or the radius arm bone, or if combined with an element, a radioactive isotope of that element". [radioactive, radiobicipital, lit. relating to the radius and biceps, radioulnar, lit. relating to the radius and ulna, radiocarbon, lit. radioactive isotope of carbon]

Memory Story: Finally, after years of hard work, you've just received your first major acting (-actin-, not related) part in a movie. You go down to wardrobe and they hand you your tentacle radish (-rad-, related) suit and ray gun for Attack of the Killer Radishes, sequel to that movie great Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.

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