Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Medical word parts -aero-, arteri-, aort-, meteor-

If every high school student remembered the meanings of about a thousand medical word parts they'd have the fundamental vocabulary to become the doctors and scientists of tomorrow. The Struggling Student's Memory Guide goal is to help them remember these word part meanings and other important educational information faster and more efficiently using association and mnemonic memory techniques.

blue emboldened words are common or college terms that can be used for word association purposes.

reddish brown emboldened word are medical terms that should be looked up in a medical dictionary for their figurative meanings.

aer-, aero- from L aer, means "air, oxygen, or gas". [aeroplane, aerospace, meteor, lit. beyond the air, fig. a shooting star, aeremia, lit. air blood condition, aerobe, lit. air (oxygen) life, aerocolpos, lit. vagina gas, aerogenesis, lit. gas production, aerophagia, lit. air eating condition, aorta, artery, meteorism]

arteri-, arterio-, grom Gr. arteria, orig. windpipe, and akin to aero means "arteria or artery". [artery, a vessel for carrying blood from the heart to the body, arteriarctia, lit. artery constriction condition, arteriectasis, lit. artery stretching out, arteriogram, lit. artery picture,
arteriola, arteriopalmus, lit. artery throbbing, arteriosclerosis, lit. hardening of the arteries disease]

arteriolo- from L. arteriola, the diminutive of Gr. arteria, orig. windpipe, means "arteriola or diminutive artery". [arteriolonecrosis, lit. diminutive artery killing process, arteriolovenous, lit. having to do with both arterioles and veins]

aort-, aorto- from Gr. aerien, to lift, to heave, means "aorta, the large main truck artery that carries blood from the left heart ventricle to the branch arteries". [aortalgia, lit. aorta pain condition, aortarctia, lit. aorta narrowness condition, aortectasis, lit. aorta stretching condition, aortoptosis, lit. aorta falling condition]

meteor- from Gr. meteora, things high in the air from meta-, over or beyond + aero, air, medically means "having to do with the weather, tympanites, or meteors". [meteor, lit. beyond the air, fig. a shooting star, meteorology, the science of the atmosphere and its weather, meteorism, lit. a lifting up, meteoropathy, lit. suffering from the weather, meteorophobia, lit. fear of meteors, meteorotropic, lit. weather turning]

All these word part meanings can be associated using common words we already know so memory stories were not created.

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