Monday, February 15, 2010

Memorizing medical/scientific word parts -adren-, -ren-, -nephr-

The goal of Struggling Student's Memory Guide is to develop ways to use association and mnemonic memory techniques, instead of rote memorization, to remember educational information we can use for a lifetime.

blue emboldened words are common or college terms that can be used for word association purposes.

reddish brown emboldened words are medical terms that should be looked up in a medical dictionary for their figurative meanings.

-adren-, adreno- from L. ad-, to + rena, kidney, lit. adjacent to the kidney, means "having to do with the adrenal glands". [Adrenalin, lit. adrenal compound, fig. trademark for epinephrine, adrenaline, lit. adrenal compound, adrenalectomy, lit. adrenal gland excision]

-ren-, reni-, reno- from L. ren means "kidney". [adrenal, lit. relating to towards (near) the kidney, perirenal, lit. relating to around the kidney, reniculus, lit. a diminutive kidney, renoprival, lit. relating to taking away a kidney]

-nephr-,-nephro- from Gr. nephros, means "kidney". [epinephrine, lit. on, upon, or attached to the kidney, nephrapostasis, lit. standing away from the kidney, nephrelcosis, lit. kidney ulcer condition, nephric, lit. relating to the kidney, nephrocalcinosis, lit. kidney stone condition, nephrotome, lit. kidney knife, nephrotomy, lit. kidney incision, nephrotresis, lit. kidney boring, pernephrium, lit. around the kidney]

Memory Story: "Never (-nephr-) rent (-ren-) a kidney suite in Reno", (-reno-, not related) said your friend who came to your "Come As Your Favorite Viscera Party" in a torn and tattered kidney costume.

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